5 Most Iconic Celebrity Tattoos

Skin Dip Beauty | 28 April, 2021

            5 Most Iconic Celebrity Tattoos


Celebs love tattoos, like a lot (maybe we should send them a jar of our Thirst Trap CBD Tattoo Balm!) so we're breaking down the 5 Most Iconic Celebrity Tattoos!

Rihanna's got an under-boob tattoo of Egyptian goddess Isis to honor her late grandmother. In addition to the goddess tattoo, some of her others includes a henna-inspired tattoo on her hand, stars down her back, and a shark on her ankle.

Cara Delevingne inked a lion's head on her finger. The model and actress has a few other tats, including eyes on the back of her neck, an elephant on her arm, and a snake tattoo on her other hand.

Harry Styles sports a big butterfly on his midsection among more than 40 others. He also has two swallows on his chest, a cross on his finger, a naked mermaid on his forearm, and an anatomically correct heart on his arm.

Miley Cyrus has an assortment of tattoos, some of which are in honor or her pets and others are for her love of food. Her assortment of tattoos includes an avocado, a lip tattoo of the sad cat emoji, numerous finger tattoos, and a portrait of her grandmother.

Paris Jackson has roughly 50 tattoos, nine of which are dedicated to her dad, Michael Jackson. Jackson told Rolling Stone that among her collection of tattoos are some dedicated to John Lennon, David Bowie, Prince, and Van Halen. She also has "MÖTLEY" on the inside of her lip. Her most recent tattoo is a sternum tattoo of the seven chakras.